• Halal CoQ 10 Softgels
  • Halal CoQ 10 Softgels
  • Halal CoQ 10 Softgels
Zaytun Vitamins

Halal CoQ 10 Softgels

  • Supports Heart, Brain and Vascular Health
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
  • Includes Vitamin A and Vitamin E
  • Promotes Energy and Endurance
  • Pure, Potent and Clean Formula
  • Suitable for Statin Users
  • 2.5x More Absorbable
  • One Per Day Softgel
  • 100% Certified Halal
  • 60 Softgels (2 Months Supply)
  • $19.99
  • - $-19.99

Zaytun Vitamins Halal CoQ 10 help improve your heart, brain, and overall vascular health as well as blood sugar regulation, they also assist in the reducing the frequency of migraines. Our CoQ-10 is made with a clean, pure, and potent formula which also contains Vitamins A and E together, each of which are important to vision and even a better immune system. One bottle contains 60 easy to swallow soft gels, designed to be able to consume without splitting or chewing this makes taking supplements as simple as possible. With Zaytun Vitamins CoQ10 you only need one a day to start improving your heart health, our 60 softgel bottle allows 2 months of supply, it will become part of your daily routine.

CoQ10 is a nutrient that is present in our cells mitochondria with strong antioxidants, these are active in helping to support heart function and promote energy production in cells. Factors such as age, stress and even statin medications can decrease these levels and leave us feeling tired or unwell. Our daily dose of Halal CoQ-10 can be an active step in bringing those levels back to a healthy amount, its easy with the stress of everyday life to gain an elevated blood pressure, our supplements can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure, by taking these daily, you may feel increased energy and more your younger self. It’s the first step you can take to provide more cardiovascular support to your heart health, by combining this with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle you will find that you’re rolling back the years. Zaytun Vitamins CoQ 10 is Made in the USA in cGMP certified facility and is certified halal by the Islamic Services of America so you can rest assured these are permissible.