Zaytun Vitamins is a child company of Zaytun Pharmaceuticals LLC. We feel blessed and honored to serve our customers with premium quality, natural, potent, and halal vitamins and supplements that are made with the top-quality process and halal ingredients which are either made of fish, plants, or zabiha halal beef gelatin. Our vitamins and supplements are certified halal by Islamic Services of America, this leading halal certification body regularly ensures that our products are free of pork, free of alcohol, and free of non-halal and free of harmful ingredients.

Our experts (ZAYTUNERS) work hard to ensure the process of sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics are met with the highest possible standards without being compromised in any way. We are passionate about providing only the top-notch natural products made with the highest quality halal ingredients available without the use of artificial flavorings or preservatives. In addition to our products being halal, all of our vitamins and supplements are dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made at halal certified, FDA and GMP approved facilities in the USA.

Moreover, one of our commitments is to educate our customers about our products and their benefits as we truly believe in knowledge-based selling. Our Halal Blog will keep our customers informed and educated on how Zaytun Vitamins and Supplements can help them fulfill their daily nutritional needs.

Certified Halal by Leading Certification Body

Islamic Services of America

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