• Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels
  • Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels
  • Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels

Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels

  • Helps Strengthen Immune, Nervous System and Promotes Cardiovascular Function
  • Improves Overall Health and Healthy Mood
  • Supports Heart and Brain Health
  • Made with Premium Omega-3
  • One Per Day Formula
  • Natural Lemon Flavor
  • 100% Certified Halal
  • Made in the USA
  • 120 Softgels (4 Months Supply)
  • $16.99
  • - $-16.99

Zaytun Vitamins Halal Omega 3 Fish Oil 1200mg softgels provide a natural source of essential fatty acids for the body. These softgels contain both Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), two essential Omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in fish oils.

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for maintaining heart health, but they cannot be produced naturally by the human body and must be obtained through food or supplements. EPA and DHA play a role in maintaining normal vision and brain function, and also contribute to normal heart function.

Our Omega 3 Fish Oil is sourced from fresh wild-caught Anchovies and Sardines, and is made in the USA, in an FDA registered and certified inspected GMP-certified facility. It is also 100% Halal certified by Islamic Services of America. The oil is purified using molecular distillation to remove heavy metals, PCBs, and other toxins, ensuring that each softgel provides one of the safest and most effective forms of Omega-3 fatty acids. This process also eliminates any fishy aftertaste and unpleasant fishy burps, and the oil is naturally flavored with lemon for a better taste.

Zaytun Vitamins Fish Oil Omega-3 is thoroughly tested for product purity, ingredient safety, effectiveness, nutritional value, and label accuracy, ensuring the highest standards. It is an all-natural supplement, free of GMOs, fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, chemicals, and solvents. Add the best halal fish oil Omega 3 supplement to your daily regimen today and experience the benefits of essential fatty acids for your overall health.

Customer Reviews

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Imad Kadoumi

I felt more energetic

Xhevdet Cubaj
Very good


Malika Khodjaeva

Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels

sirajulhak patel

Halal Fish Oil Omega-3 (Halal Gelatin) Softgels

Sam I
Great product

Fast delivery .I use 1200Mg fish oil and take 4 capsules almost every day. My blood work showed significant drop in LDL within 4 months. My doctor was surprised.