• Halal Collagen Peptides Powder (3Pack)
  • Halal Collagen Peptides Powder (3Pack)
  • Halal Collagen Peptides Powder (3Pack)
Zaytun Vitamins

Halal Collagen Peptides Powder (3Pack)

  • Helps Retain Joint, Muscles and Gut Vitality
  • Supports Skin, Hair and Nails Health
  • 11g Collagen Peptides Per Serving
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Type I & III
  • 100% Certified Halal
  • Made in the USA
  • Unflavored, 30 oz (2.1 Months Supply)
  • $49.99
  • - $-49.99

Incorporating Zaytun Vitamins halal collagen peptides into your body is as easy as taking a sip of your favorite beverage. You might have already heard that hydrolyzed collagen is great for skincare but, did you know that it’s a completely natural substance found in your skin, hair, muscles, and joints? A young, healthy body with luminous skin, shiny hair, and flexible joints is rich in natural collagen peptides. However, as you age, those precious collagen stores deplete, and you lose that source of energy and endurance, while your joint, skin, and hair health begin to suffer.

Revive natural collagen to help you recover faster from physical activity, give energy and to your movement, and enhance your skin, nails, and hair’s natural beauty with this halal vitamin formula collagen powder from Zaytun Vitamins. This unflavored, odorless, easy-dissolve collagen powder is a great collagen peptide source that fits into any diet and lifestyle. Deliver pure, potent hydrolyzed collagen and see, and feel, the results. Say goodbye to those collagen powder brands that are stuffed with non-effective filler ingredients and unnecessary additives with this natural halal collagen powder solution. Zaytun Vitamins safe and healthy formula is produced in facilities inspected by the FDA, and sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised, preservative-free, pork-free sources. If you need a keto-friendly collagen powder, or a gluten-free, paleo alternative collagen peptide, look no further for the easiest collagen peptide to incorporate in your daily life.

Promote joint health, muscle health, beautiful hair, skin, and nails, and even a healthy gut, in just minutes. Simply mix, stir, or shake one scoop of this collagen powder into any liquid, hot or cold. Unlike other collagen powder brands that advertise their collagen peptides as tasteless and odorless but still have a weird funky aftertaste, this formula is truly undetectable even when dissolved in water. Whether you are drinking your morning smoothie, or your froth add halal collagen into your afternoon tea, strengthening your skin, hair, nails, and joints is as easy as taking a sip. Incorporate powerful, potent hydrolyzed collagen peptides into any healthy diet by mixing this collagen powder into your favorite beverages. Regain that fast workout recovery, find your endurance, and much more. Transform your skin brightness and fullness, and witness shiny, fast-growing hair and nails with this grass-fed, pasture-raised, halal collagen source.